Twitter Battle Over Song ‘Ko Ko Korina’ By Ahad Raza Mir & Momina Musteshan Summed Up

Coke Studio’s latest song from season 11, ‘Ko Ko Korina’ by debut singer Ahad Raza Mir alongside Momina Mustehsan has stirred quite a storm over the internet.

The situation apparently seems to being getting out of hand as too many parties have jumped in and have fueled the situation.

Ever since the song has been launched, people over the internet have been divided about how song has actually come off. To accept this song as a good effort on part of the singers or dismiss it as another mere failed attempt to create rendition of the track. (Read more about it here)

While the story hadn’t even begin to die down, Shireen Mazari, the minister of human rights tweeted about the song calling it a ‘massacre’.

Momina ofcourse took note of Mazari’s tweet and responded. Thus began a Twitter battle that has shaken the internet and seems like will continue to do so for long.

After this Momina felt she was being cyber-bullied and…

While Shireen Mazari made it a point to ignore Momina and not thought it best not to prolong the interaction, her daughter Imaan Mazari came forth with her own set of tweets.

Ahad Raza Mir also responded to the controversy

Many other celebrities joined the bandwagon to give out their opinions. 


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