Writer Mahwash Ajaz Apologizes To Ali Zafar Regarding Harassment Case & Cancel Culture

Mahwish Ajaz, who has been one of the foremost voices for #MeToo movement in Pakistan and a staunch supporter of Meesha Shafi in her legal battle for sexual harassment against Ali Zafar, has shocked many with her recent tweets.

Just a day ago, Mahwash conciously switched sides and tweeted out an apology to Ali Zafar.

Mahwash wrote that she had been unaware of certain facts in the past and was unapologetically vocal against Ali Zafar. However, she says that she has ‘learned the truth now’. Without going into further details, Mahwish shared that soon enough people would join her stance.

Recently, the news was in circulation on social media that the court is currently processing the defamation case against Meesha Shafi. However, Meesha Shafi’s petition against Ali Zafar has been delayed by Lahore High Court.

Soon people lauded the writer for accepting a mistake..


On the other hand, there was backlash too hinting at a collaboration between Ali Zafar and Mahwash Ajaz in the future.

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