#Uber is a company providing conveyance to people all over the world. Uber has launched their services in Pakistan in March 2016, specifically in Lahore.
Now after few months, Uber has finally decided to move to the Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan city KARACHI.
The $76 Billion company is doing good so far here in Lahore.
Uber’s major competitor is Careem who are providing services all over Pakistan. Their basic fare is Rs. 160/- and the. Rs. 17 per kilometres.

In contrary Uber’s is as following:
Base Fare: 100
Cancellation: 150
Minimum Fare: 150
Per KM: 13.7
Per minute: 3.7 PKR
So if you are planning to go from location A to location B with a road distance of 10 kilometers, then here’s how you will be charged:
Basic fare 100 + 13.7 x 10 (137) = Rs. 237/-
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