Upcoming Event: WoWoman Lahore Presents #SheBlogs

Ladies and Ladies of Lahore this post is for you,
#WoWoman, a non-profit international woman empowerment platform is set to bring #SheBlogs, the first event of #WoWoman_Lahore. The event will provide all its attendees with a unique opportunity to get familiar with the worldwide concept of ‘Blogging’. It is also the best opportunity to get involved in empowered talks that will not only inspire you to start your blogging career but will also teach you the Whats and Hows of blogging.
The panel will include writers, bloggers from all walks of life who will also introduce you to various types of blogging. Some of the panelists will include Sana Mela (Perspectives.pk), Bihamaal Zurqa (fashion and lifestyle blogger) and Natasha Zubair (photo-blogger).
For those who don’t know, WoWoman is a fast growing network of women who dare to dream big and make things happen for themselves, and by themselves. Initially opened in Azerbaijan in 2015, it spreads across Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Pakistan. It is a platform which creates space and tools for women to be able to achieve the coolest, craziest and the most impossible dreams they have.
The event is to take place on Saturday, 11th of March. The entry is free of charge. All you have to do is register through their form: www.bit.ly/wowomanlahore, while the location of the event will be disclosed once you register.
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