Twitter Enjoys a Field Day As Abid Sher Ali Declared As One Of The Hottest Politicians

Over the years Pakistanis have earned a reputation in the world and have started to be recognized as genetically blessed in terms of facial features and all.

Previously, everybody’s favourite Fawad Khan was labelled as one of the hottest men.

This picture will tell you why. I mean just look at him…

And then there’s Imran Abbas too…

However, it was only recently when an article was published which brought to the forefront, some of the less appreciated hotties who belong to Pakistan.

This article comprised a list of seven most good-looking Pakistani politicians.


So we’re assuming, by now you know what this article is about..

The list mentioned Abid Sher Ali as one of the hottest politicians and since then Twitter has been having a field day.

While Twitter sometimes seems to go a little overboard with its commentary, the fact remains that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and preferences exist.

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