Top Home Based Bakers in Lahore to Order Desserts From & Meet All Your Sweet Needs

It was not long ago when Pakistan saw an emergence of and a rise in the trend of home based bakers and bakeries. A bakery based online came across a lucrative business model to many, hence many people perfected their skills and set up online pages with beautiful and crafty cakes and cupcakes started popping up everywhere on Facebook and Instagram.

However, while many pursued the idea of setting up an online bakery and becoming a home based baker, there are only a few who managed to maintain the quality of their desserts.

Here, we have compiled a list of home based bakers in Lahore.

These pages are highly recommended from where you can order your desserts from and meet all your sweet needs that your taste-buds desire. Their desserts are not just exquisite on the outside but are equally delectable from the inside!

  1. Mini Treats


2. House of Twiinz


3. Frosted Fantasies


4. The Mad Chef


5. A Piece of Cake


Have you tried these home based bakeries yet? Do have other bakers in mind? Comment under the post to let us know.