This Pakistani Eatery Tempting Students to Avail Discounts by Bunking Classes is Getting A lot of Heat

Cafes and restaurants these days are doing any and every thing to attract customers. New strategies are rolled out every now and then in order to keep the food business going.

Just this year, a large number of restaurants and cafes around Pakistan offered discounts for all those who played an active part in elections 2018 and cast their votes.

And then it was only recently when brands had begun to cash out on a so-called ‘national disaster’ which is the song ‘Ko Ko Korina’ by offering discounts. (Read about it more, here)

This time, a pizza outlet in Lahore has taken its marketing strategies a bit too far and is now garnering a lot of hate for it over social media, and rightly so.

A pizza place in Lahore called Donjon Pizza, is inviting students to earn a discount on their order at a price of bunking their classes.

“It’s perfectly okay to bunk your class once in a while to enjoy DONJON PIZZA.”


While the restaurant’s promotions seems to be an instant hit with the naive students, who may not think of bunking classes as an issue or something which is wrong.

The brand as well as its marketing agency is being rightly schooled by a lot of people online.

Here’s what is being said


While it is okay for brands to come up with lucrative marketing techniques to keep attracting its customers, yet there should be certain ethical marketing strategies they should comply with. The idea of corporate social responsibility is extremely essential, especially in this case when there is a risk of instilling bad values in the younger generation.


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