This is what Kapil Sharma earns from "The Kapil Show". More than the Bollywood Stars…..

Brand Voice:  Kapil Sharma is a big deal on Indian Television. Top actors, actresses, and producers make a beeline to be on his show to promote their films and themselves.
When Kapil Sharma packed up his hit show Comedy Nights With Kapil from Colors, Sony channel was quick to grab the opportunity. The channel gave him a prime-time slot and he and his team made a blockbuster comeback with The Kapil Sharma Show. And to call Kapil a Pied Piper won’t be wrong. For wherever he goes, TRPs follow. Needless to say, Colors suffered a backlash, and Sony danced to the bank and TRP/GRPs charts. Indian Express reported.

Kapil takes a whopping Rs. 60 lakhs per episode.

Former Gutthi, now Doctor Mashoor Gulati, Sunil Grover gets around Rs. 10-12 lakhs per episode. Kiku Sharda, still remembered for his character of Palak on Colors, pockets Rs. 5-7 lakhs a day.
Recently, we heard that in order to save its plummeting weekend ratings, Colors had to re-telecast the old episodes of Comedy Nights With Kapil. Whether or not that worked for Colors is something only time will tell. But it just goes to prove what a phenomenon the show has been and how it has been instrumental in establishing the careers of all of the artists on the show, IndianExpress reported.
No doubt, Kapil Sharma is top entertainer in Indian Industry, his fans outside India are in numbers. He deserved the privileges he is getting from the orgaisation he’s working for. Sony is lucky enough to get “The Kapil Sharma Show” and it has been the bad luck for Colors for loosing “The Comedy nights with Kapil”.
Brand Voice Editorial.