This Internet Debate On ‘Kids’ Sets Twitter On Fire

This guy ranted about a very important problem and it has made his tweet go viral. However, since it is a very debatable area, the replies to the tweet are not always agreeable.

 He was sure to repeatedly mention he is not talking about infants and their crying. He is talking about older kids who can understand their parents. However, they still do not listen to them and create a ruckus.

The Parents’ Defense

The guy said “if you can not control your children”, simply don’t bring them. This sentence is very important because this is where parents go wrong. This is where those mischievous and disrespectful children hide. However, many people came with a “holier than thou” attitude and suggested that they were fine with this behaviour. There’s nothing wrong with it. They came to defend the parents also that they try their best. Well, trying their best isn’t enough. These kids grow up to be this disrespectful too.

Ultimately, some children are more rigid and demanding than others yes. Most of the time there is this difference in even siblings. However, it is the parent’s duty to ensure that each child is taught what they must be in their own way. Parents can not hide behind the “he/she won’t listen to me”. Acknowledge your child’s behavior and fix it.

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