This Guy Has Designed An Amazing Nikkah-nama For His Sister’s Wedding And is Winning Hearts

Shaadi (marriage) is not all things pretty like dresses, dances and food. An important aspect to learn and fully understand about marriage is that it is a contract of companionship between two people.
In Islam the nikkah contract is the most important aspect of a shaadi and it’s presentation is something that not many people think about.

However, a man took it upon himself to design a stunning Islamic contract of marriage. 

Umar Shahzad, who is a designer by profession, made this nikkah-nama as a wedding gift to his sister.

Have a look at the beautiful Nikkah-nama below
According to Umar, “Islamic marriage contracts aren’t usually well designed. As a graphic designer, I couldn’t let my sister sign one that was poorly typed up in Word and printed on a plain white paper… so I put this together as a gift. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out” his Facebook post read.

The internet always had its say and here are a few messages that people left in appreciation of the talent and the overall concept:



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