Saba Qamar Shuts Down Rumors of Her Engagement

Pakistani star Saba Qamar has enjoyed a lot  of highs of her career in 2017, and thus has been under the spotlight quite a bit. But this time, the spot light stirred up some mild trouble for her.

A lot of noise was made on Instagram after a photograph of Saba and her friend Arslan Faisal started making the rounds on social media. This led many to assume that the two are a thing. And just to be fair to all those followers who were intrigued and excited for Saba, Arslan had captioned the photo, “First picture of 2018:) with her ♥️ Love Love and Love ♥️♥️♥️.”
Here’s is the picture that made Saba Qamar speak up about her current relationship status
After this picture was posted and shared, many major publications interpreted the photo as official news for Saba and Arsalan’s engagement. This then led Arslan to add the ‘Friends only’ postscript to his post.

Followed by Arslan’s post, Saba ended up making a public announcement through her Instagram too and here’s what she said:

We’re happy either way for our Pakistani star, whether she’s single or committed or married. And we’re sure Saba is glad to see people rooting for more good news from her as well but for now, let’s enjoy her single life.