This Ad By Ufone is Making People Laugh For a Silly Reason & Here’s What it is…

Ufone has always had a very powerful marketing game in the Pakistani market. Over the years Ufone has released super creative and funny advertisements which had people lol-ing for ages.

However, this time around, a small blunder on part of the advertisement team has led to people pointing it out on social media and sharing a laugh over it.

An image from a recent Ufone advertisement caught the attention of many on social media

People posted that image on the various social media platforms and asked others if they could spot an error in the image.

Can you spot what’s wrong with the image?


While some were quick to identify the blunder

Others came up with theories to justify the blunder

And then there were those who found the ad relatable and shared their own experiences

What do our readers think about this piece? Do you think it was intentional or just a mistake? Share your thoughts in the comments section below..