The F11 Pro to Hit Pakistani Market Soon with Kickass Low-light Photography

The OPPO F11 and F11 Pro has us all super excited. With their new tagline of “The Portrait Experts” OPPO has really upped their camera game once again!

Leaked information about the F11 Pro’s specifications have gone around and what really stood out for us were its camera features and let me tell you they look fantastic.

The F11 Pro comes equipped with a 48+5 MP dual rear camera and 16 MP front camera is perfect for capturing snaps in low-light locations. Now you’re memories from your favorite concerts or even just late night snack runs with friends can be preserved in superb quality.

It also comes with AI software for better image recognition processing and optimization, so your pictures come out looking professional quality.

Not only that the F11 Pro also has Ultra Clear Night View 2.0 and Color Mapping 2.0 to ensure that whether you are in high or low light situations you are pictures will be clean sharp and of the highest quality.

Other than the amazing camera features the F11 Pro also boasts an optimized 4000 mAh battery supported by an upgraded high-speed charging ability with VOOC 3.0 and Android 9.0 OS, all wrapped up in a beautiful Cresent Curved design and tri-colour and double colour gradient.

With just the information that has leaked out there is already so much to look forward to, we are really excited for the OPPO F11 Pro launch and you should be too!