Sadaf Kanwal’s Latest Interview Stirs the Masses Once Again!

The actor/model, Sadaf Kanwal’s recent interview is once again being criticized on social media. Sadaf appeared on Humare Mehman on ARY News, alongside her husband Shehroze Sabzwari. The interviewer asked her about her views on feminism where she replied with “Women are not weak at all. I feel very strong.”

She also stated that “Feminism is a liberal concept. Our husband’s is our culture. I have to pick up my husband’s shoes, iron his clothes, which I rarely do but I know where its kept. I should know about Sherry (Shehroz) and Sherry should not be knowing about me. I mean Sherry should be knowing about me but not as much as I should be knowing about Sherry.”

She also further elaborated that feminism is taking care of her husband and and givinng him respect. The video of the interview is here:

The couple has often been in hot waters after Shehroz and Syra split over alleged claims of betrayal on part of Shehroz. Social media was once again enraged over Sadaf Kanwal’s male centered concepts of feminism, where some regarded it as an attempt to gain public attention. Here is what Twitter had to say about this: