Recent Trend on Twitter Had Fans Congratulating Hania Aamir For Her Engagement & Her Response is Hilarious

Hania Aamir has proven herself as a talented actress, with that she continues to entertain her fans off screen as well. One of the most active celebrities on Instagram, Hania Aamir has continued to win hearts with videos of her singing and dancing with her friends, and to be honest, we are hooked to her fun videos as well!

What is more is that Pakistanis seem to be obsessed with is Aamir’s relationship status. After her alleged break up with Asim Azhar, the whole country was talking about the couple. However, the actress dealt with the whole situation with a brilliant sense of humour.

A recent trend on Twitter, ‘mangni mubarak Hania‘ (congratulations on the engagement) has received a similar response from her.

Hania Aamir took to her Instagram story to laugh at the rumours. Her Twitter notifications were flooded, she revealed, and when curiosity finally got the best of her, she found out about the hashtag that had everyone believing she was engaged. The actress even commended the creativity of her fans and how they manage to surprise her each time.

Twitter of course has been filled been memes after this: