Qarshi Industries & Kinetic Pakistan Join Together to Digitize Marketing Campaigns During Ramazan

Qarshi Industries celebrates the holy month of Ramadan by partnering with Kinetic Pakistan to execute Programmatic Iftar and Sehri Digital Streamer Display that helps commuters on the go spot the time left for Iftar and Sehri in real-time.

Commuters would also be shown dua during Iftar and Sehri time creating a context between the Brand, Occasion and Audience making it an interesting OOH execution.

Kinetic, a digital marketing company is leading the Out of Home Industry towards a dynamic and contextual era of advertising in Pakistan with its out of the box ideas.
It is imperative for brands to understand the importance of audience, location, and occasion to design an effective campaign, and this is exactly what Kinetic is pushing towards.


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