Pakistanis Are Furious After Indian Designer’s Shoot In Pakistan Goes Viral

A recent collaboration of Pakistani artists and influencers with Abhinav Mishra, a legendary Indian designer, has invited the ire of Pakistanis.

The Mishra label is just as famous and exclusive as the Manish Malhotra label or the Sabyasachi one. These A-list names in India including Jahnvi Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Aliya Bhatt have been seen in it. Make no mistake, this was a huge feat!

Hence, when it came to Pakistan for collaboration, many were extremely surprised and excited. The collaboration was led by Izzah Shaheen a photographer that can be found on @pictroizzah on Instagram. A breathtaking set was created by rounding all the top influencers/models of the moment.  Influencers like Zahra Malik, Sona Rafiq, Alishay Adnan, and Zainab Reza along others were present.

However, this collaboration did not charm everyone alike. Many are actually furious as to why this was done considering India consistently bans our artists. India hasn’t called for a collaboration with a Pakistani designer, is our talent any lesser?

Moreover, the Premier’s recent statements on why ties with India can never be diplomatic are important. Considering Kashmir is still under siege by India, us hosting an Indian designer can send a wrong message. This may be fashion but fashion is also politics as 2021 has taught us.

indian designer pakistan shoot