Pakistan Soon To Get The Most Advanced 5G Network

Pakistan is planning to roll out the most advanced 5G internet in 2022-23 which will accelerate the download speed 10 times to one gigabit per second (Gbps) and widen economic activities in the country.

Considering it took ages for the country to make even 4G available on all networks and that it is a country where even cities face network issues, already working towards 5G is a significant step. And it can be said that this move is a direct result of what the government saw in 2020, post-COVID. Companies and governments saw how offline business slugged away in the pandemic infested world while digital presence and e-commerce boomed. So an up to date digital infrastructure was the need of the time.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that some telecommunications services have already conducted test trials for the 5G technology. But it was conducted under controlled variables over a small sample.