Cannoli Café Changes Its Logo’s Typography to Urdu After Backlash

The Cannoli scandal took over social media last week. Countless netizens took to Twitter to express their concerns over the owners’ disgraceful behavior with the restaurant’s manager. Many even wondered whether the ladies needed a ‘privilege check’.

The restaurant has now changed its logo with Urdu typography in hopes that it will help with the brand image.

The Cannoli Scandal

A video posted by Cannoli on Instagram, that was later deleted, caused outrage on social media. The owners could be seen humiliating their restaurant’s manager over his inability to converse in fluent English.

Netizens made it their duty to school the owners on privilege and prejudice. The hashtag #BoycottCannoli was also trending on Twitters. And many were debating whether their act was prearranged or harmless fun.

The Manager’s Interview

You can only imagine the kind of backlash this video received. The backlash was followed by an ingenuine apology statement by Cannoli Islamabad. After this, the manager gave an interview as well.

Reactions On Social Media

cannoliImage Source: Facebook
Image Source: Facebook

With about 3k comments and shares, people saw through this weak attempt at salvaging the reputation. They tried telling the cafe owners that it was not the language they were called out for, rather the lack of manners.

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