Unilever Pakistan Takes Amazing Step To Reduce Plastic Wastage

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company Unilever Pakistan has decided to limit the carbon footprint by reducing plastic waste. This is a significant development by the company as their reach is across the whole country.

Unilever Pakistan has taken the step to reduce the weightage of plastic in their product containers.

The product they are targeting is Lifebuoy’s 375-milliliter shampoo bottle. Not only has the bottle weight reduced, but this also means that when the bottles are discarded and sent to the dumps, the non-decomposable plastic waste will be lesser in quantity.


That said, the bottles are made of plastic, even if it’s less, so it is still dangerous for the universe as plastic takes hundreds of years to break down. But back in 2019, the brand pledged to decrease the use of virgin plastic by half by 2025. Moreover, they would also be removing 100,000 tonnes of plastic from the rolling completely. So this move with the Lifebuoy bottles seems like a step in the right direction.

Other than reducing the plastic in the bottle formula, Unilever is also working on recycling plastic to ensure lesser plastic waste is introduced into the ecosystem.