Mehwish Hayat And Aamir Liaqat Land in a Twitter Fight.. Again

It happened a while back when Aamir Liaquat called out Mehwish because he thought her movie ‘Load Wedding’ defamed him.

Since then, Aamir Liaqat has repeatedly gone after Mehwish Hayat attacking her directly or indirectly on Twitter.

What occurred most recently was Mehwish Hayat had commented on the current US- Iran tensions.

As an advocate of international peace, Mehwish criticized the US President for disregarding global peace with the recent killing of a top Iranian General.

In response, Aamir Liaquat took a shot at Mehwish for not aligning herself with the country’s foreign policy

He stated that Mehwish shouldn’t feel the responsibility of giving distinguished statements, just because she had received a national award. Also, she had no reason to support Qasim Soleimani.

What is interesting is that, he didn’t tweet all of this to Mehwish directly. He expressed his views on a publication sharing Mehwish’s statement.

But Mehwish didn’t sit back silently and clapped back at Aamir with a response

Mehwish called out the personal attacks and also reminded him of the defaming suit he was supposed to file against her.

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