Junaid Akram Slams Mubasher Lucman for ‘Plagiarizing Content’ on Social Media

Junaid Akram, a popular comedian and social commentator, took to Twitter over the weekend in order to accuse Mubasher Lucman for copying one of his YouTube podcasts ‘word to word’.


On April 27th, 2019, Akram had uploaded his 22nd podcast titled as The Secrets of Israel on his YouTube channel. The video received over 24 lac views, 21 thousand likes, and 5 thousand plus comments.

After Akram called out Mubashar Lucman over plagiarizing his content, the social media joined together to demand an apology from Lucman.


However, Mubashir Lucman’s version of the same content, called ‘Why I Want To Visit Israel’ cannot be found anywhere on YouTube. While visiting the link, YouTube says that the video is unavailable.

It seems now that Lucman has removed the video after major backlash from fans and followers.

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