Instagram Update: Rolls Out An In-app Buying Feature For Users

Instagram has announced a new feature which will allow users check-out products directly from the application’s interface. 

The new feature, which has only been made available for the users in the US for now, allows them to buy products from more than 20 retailers directly from the application. Instagram invited different retailers including Zara, Adidas, Burberry and Prada to try this feature as part of beta-testing. If a post on Instagram by these brands features a product in it, the users will be able to just tap on its associated product tag and complete the transaction.

The items which have been made available for the Instagram check-out feature a new “Checkout on Instagram” button.

Once a user taps the button, he/she is directed to a form which takes the user’s payment and shipping details. Instagram would be charging a selling fee on every purchase made from the platform.

Furthermore, the application would store the user’s payment and shipping details so that they can buy the product soon after they see them on their feeds. This feature seems to be in-line with the company’s focus to include e-commerce in the platform.

E-commerce is a new opportunity identified by Instagram. The company has been pushing towards cashing it in full potential. While users have increasingly been turning towards Instagram because of its image-rich content, businesses are using the medium to extend their reach and personalities are using it for personal branding.