In a Battle of Foldable Phones, OPPO Unfolded these 3 Technologies This MWC 2019 that Win

So this MWC has been about lots of Foldable phones, like the Mate X from Huawei. However, OPPO has launched 3 futuristic technologies this year that make them more than just “The Selfie Expert”.

Last MWC, OPPO Launched The SuperVOOC Technology and the 5x zoom technology. The SuperVOOC technology was included in OPPOs Flagship devices like the Find X and the R17 Pro and it was the fastest of the fast charging technologies, Indeed. Whereas the 5X zoom combined a periscope-like-zoom mechanism, dual camera and allowed high precision image processing.

This year, at the Mobile World Congress 2019, staying true their constant innovations, OPPO has launched three brand new technologies that are sure to rock the Smartphone industry. Breeno, 10x lossless zoom and the long awaited 5G communication technology.

So, let’s take a closer look at each of these amazing new technologies!

First up, Breeno is an intelligent AI assistant for the 5G era. Designed to be the center of users interconnected lives, Breeno is a smart assistant with all the capabilities of perception that make it capable of both intelligent decision-making and machine learning.

For their 5G communication offering, OPPO is bringing us their first ever 5G Smartphone which will give us what we’ve wanted from the first time we held a phone – stable signals! No more line drops, no more signal loss the minute you step into the “wrong” part of your house. This has to be some of the most amazing news ever!

With a Cherry on top, OPPO is bringing out their 10x lossless zoom. With this new technology, photos will be super sharp, and clearer than ever before. So no matter where you are, from concerts to parties to just a day at the beach, OPPO is about to raise the picture game to the next level!

With all these amazing new advancements, OPPO is looking to make a massive impact on 2019 and change the tech landscape in the mobile industry. So, if you are in the market for a new phone, keep an eye on OPPO, the next big thing!