Hey 90's Kids ? "JUNOON" is back !!!

Every 90’s kid of Pakistan loves “Junoon”. We remember Ali Azmat and company performing live in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad across Pakistan. From “Sayyoni” to “khudi ko ker buland itna” , from “Rooh ki hai pyaas” to “Neend aati nahi”, From “Hai Jazba Junoon” to “Junoon se aur Ishq se… Milti ha Azadi”. There are hundreds of tracks which we cannot get over, the tracks which we can listen to hours and hours. 

The greatest heart broken moment for every 90’s kid was when we saw Junoon got broken. Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed went apart. It was a heavy moment for all Junoon lovers. They both did well to Pakistan music even after that and kept contributing to Pakistani Music on different forums.
But recently what we have heard, had put that energy back in every person who used to be a die hard fan of Junoon. Yes…. Ali Azmat has just announced the Re-Union of JUNOON after ages.

It is just like a dream come true for every Pakistani and Internation fan of Junoon.