First Ever Pakistani Original Drama May be Produced by Netflix Very Soon And We Are Excited!

California-based Netflix, which began as a mail-order DVD service but is now producing award-winning original content alongside its offering of older shows and movies, launched in 2007. Now, 70 million subscribers pay a monthly fee for unlimited service.
Netflix has won many hearts all over the world with unarguably the greatest pieces of television to ever grace us, from ‘Stranger Things,’ to ‘House Of Cards’ and ‘Narcos.’
And now, a little birdie has broken the news that a Pakistani Netflix original is in the works.
And here’s how we know…
Pakistani actor Zahid Ahmed is currently in London shooting for his drama ‘Daldal’.
In a little interview with BBC Asian Network he revealed some very interesting facts.

 The actor stated that he is “already in talks with a group that is producing the first Pakistani Netflix original production” and that he “has been approached to play the lead.”
Here’s where you can listen to the interview
Do let us know what you guys think about this startling and very exciting revelation!?