Amir-Faryal Saga Has Come to An End And the Two Are Back Together


Boxer Amir Khan has got back with his model wife Faryal Makhdoom just two months after he filed for divorce in the wake of bitter family feuds and public rows.

The champion boxer tweeted today, a picture of the couple snuggling in each other’s arms on the sofa in their London home.

The picture was captioned: ‘With my 4 month pregnant wife, after sorting out all the issues. Closing the year with a happy ending’.

Faryal then responded by quoting popular internet writer RM Drake.

She wrote on Instagram: ‘I hope one day, we find each other again and laugh over whatever pain we might have caused.’

Here the picture of the two shared by Amir Khan

Amir and Faryal tied the knot in 2013. Last year the boxer’s family found itself deep in controversy after Faryal posted a Snap-chat of domestic abuse at the hands of her in-laws, and eventually the whole family got involved.
Then only two months ago Khan told his fans his marriage was over. He said in a Snapchat video on 8 September: ‘So me and Faryal are not together. I have filed for a divorce.’

‘I hear she has just announced she is pregnant. She didn’t tell me. I had to read it on social media.’ 

In a public war of words this year both accused the other of cheating.

It’s good to hear that the two have reconciled and here’s hoping the drama is over once and for all!
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