Asim Azhar Releases A Sensational New Song “5 AM”

Asim Azhar has launched his latest song “5 AM” which captures the attention of the audience with its exciting lyrics that relate to the tale of a person whorealizes that how people can deal with things and go on with their lives.
In a short span of time, Asim Azhar has established himself as an exceptional singer and groundbreaking songwriter. His work has not only been acknowledged in Pakistan but also has been appreciated internationally. The song “5 AM”has gone viral on social media and has audiences delirious about Azhar’sartistry in all departments.
A true depiction of Asim Azhar’s new song has been the fun and light manner in which it is set and mainly merges both Pop and House music. Azhar worked on the song with two musicians’Amar and Aman, who run an online music company called Urban Asian and DJ Upside Downis the music producer for this song. Azhar further remarked, “About one and a half year ago I came up with this melody and ever since I have been working towards blending two different musical genres. I wanted to give the whole song a very commercial feel and that is the reason why I kept the beat of the song focused on house music style. Through this song I have tried to bring modern music back to Pakistan, while infusing it with the kind of music that is going around in the world today”
The video was shot in LA with AsimAzhar as the main lead who portrays the role of a man who has fought with his love interest. In anger he then seeks interest in another girl thus making him realize that he actually cares about the former girl who he is in love with.  However when he finds his love interest with another person, it makes him realize that people tend to move on very quickly. The cast of the music video included LA based models and the overall music that is used in this song is quite contemporary and distinctive. Jessie who previously has also directed the video for Zayn Malik’s song called “Still Got Time” has directed the video for AsimAzhar’s 5 AM.
Watch the full song here: