Here’s How Abrar ul Haq’s Latest Tweet Has Sparked a Twitter Debate

Abrar-ul-Haq, a renown Pakistani singer has recently stirred up a storm on social media with a single tweet. Here’s what he said:

This tweet ignited a war between Lahoris and Karachiites and thus began a massive debate. While some responses were surprising while others were downright taken to the heart.

Here’s a gist of what is being said on Twitter:

At this point, Careem, jumped into the conversation as well.

At this point, Abrar shared a video getting a desi foot massage and laughing. But what was even more interesting is that Abrar tagged Careem in the tweet and asked if they should spill the beans.

And this is how Careem responded:


Following this, Careem released the video which created massive hype and conversation on social media.

In its latest campaign, Careem encourges Pakistanis to #ExploreKarachi with our very own Abrar-ul-Haq. The video is all about how Karachi is an inclusive city where diversity is welcomed with open arms. From visiting Lyari to eating a delicious piping hot plate of Biryani, Abrar meets people coming from all backgrounds and walks of life.