GREE Launches “Care for You” Free Health Filter Giveaway Campaign

Gree – a globally leading enterprise of air-conditioners has recently launched “Gree Cares for You” campaign in Pakistan. The idea is just to promote benefits and functions of health filters installed inside of Air Conditioners. GREE Pakistan is also offering free pair of health filters at their company owned display centers at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.  Consumers can obtain their free filter by showing warranty card or invoice of AC.

It has been observed that usually consumers have very less information regarding life cycle of health filters and they ignore to replace it with passage of time. Such negligence or lack of information leads towards effected performance of unit and also health hazards.

One of the biggest mistakes is not replacing filters periodically. Air filters has a life of one year and they must be changed once a year. Clogged filters also cause many allergies and breathing problems. They are also a reason that why yours AC don’t create fresh environment.

For Odor and Smoke Free Environment, high density health filters are installed in Gree ACs to ensure pure and healthy Environment in rooms. These filters enhance efficiency and environment friendliness providing superior indoor air quality.

These filters enhance efficiency and environment friendliness with superior Indoor Air Quality, making your home feel cleaner and fresher. Being a responsible organization Gree always seek ways to maximize comfort level of its consumers in terms of technology, quality and after sales services.