Google Releases New Video Editor, Offers More Control Over Footage

Now that Google has revamped Photos’ still image editing, it’s turning its attention to moving pictures.

Google has overhauled the video editor in Photos for Android and iOS to give its users much more control than the usual trimming, stabilization and rotation.

You can crop and straighten the frame, tweak exposure and make subtle adjustments to elements like contrast and saturation. There won’t be quite as much of a need for a third-party app to fine-tune your dog walking video.

The upgraded video editing is already available for iOS users, and should reach Android over the “coming weeks.”

Google is also expanding some of its previously Pixel-exclusive photo editing features, but only to One subscribers. Pay up and you’ll get after-shot Portrait Blur and Portrait Light effects as well as AI-based Dynamic and sky suggestions. They’ll be available to One members on Android in the “next few days.” Earlier features like Blur and Color Pop are available for free.

It’s not surprising that Google would tie features to One. The company is increasingly bent on making money from Photos, and this could drive One subscriptions for people who want the full feature set. It could also drive some Pixel phone sales, at least for those who want unfettered access to Google’s latest technology.


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