Coca-Cola’s Smart Can Packaging; An Impressive Move

Coca-Cola has introduced a new smart way to package their cans and we couldn’t be more glad. After years and years of roasts and a pandemic, it seems they have finally knocked Here’s what they’ve done:

The Cans Come Sealed Now

Now the cans come sealed! People are sharing this picture of the new Coca-Cola cans packaging and people were crazy over it. The cans have a seal on top of their rim which can be peeled back to reveal the rim. Unfortunately, this appears to be in a Middle Eastern company for now.

This Is How The Long-Awaited-For Packaging Looks In Real Life:
coca cola smart packaging can
Image Source: Facebook

Have you ever been shamed by family or friends for drinking straight from the can when you ordered a fizzy drink? However, at the moment we undermine or rather ignore the health hazard and the fact that they are right. Most places serve cans and there’s no better way to enjoy the drink than have it straight from the can.

So far, Coca-Cola Pakistan has been tagged and asked to look into this. If this has started in foreign countries, it may trickle down to us soon enough. We are just as excited as you to have this packaging come to us. No more roasts for you and a lot more coke cans.

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