Update: Careem-Pepsi Brand War Ends With Announcement of Nationwide Promos

Brand wars is the latest trend in town and there’s nothing more entertaining than watching two brands going all out at each other to prove who has the best control over its marketing tactics.

While the social media serves as a good place for many to fan the heat between the two conflicting parties, what is better is when the audience lands itself in a win-win situation.

Only recently two big brands – Careem & Pepsi – got into a brawl and apparently for no significant reason at all. What went down on Twitter was pretty amusing.

Here’s your recap 

What happened was that Careem tried to be nice to a customer and offered them a soda (namely Pepsi) because they did not have any promos to offer.

Pepsi however did not like their name being mentioned 

The Pepsi brand got a little too serious even after Careem tried to keep the situation light

Even then Careem couldn’t stay away from the banter

What happened next was that the twitterverse also jumped the bandwagon and there were a lot of memes and jokes involved and well, the rest is history.

Now Careem’s Marketing Director Omar Abedin and Head of Marketing Pepsi Saad Khan have put an end to the rivalry with a conclusion.

The two brands have thus decided to call a truce and give Pakistanis an ultimate win. Pepsi announced that it will give out 1 million Careem promos, and the Careem also called it truce by saying they will double the promos.

Now, Pakistanis can avail 2 million promos from both Pepsi and Careem!