17-Year-Old Student Sets up a Charity And is Building Houses For The Underprivileged

Taking initiatives to change the world in your own big or little way by helping people is a noble act. And when the young lot of the nation is empathetic and makes effort to bring change in the society it is all the more commendable for they become advocates for the idea of serving humanity in the purest form.

When we think about a house, we imagine all the basic necessities that come with it. However, the unfortunate reality for many in Pakistan is that this basic description of a house is much more than what many of the people in rural Pakistan have.

Pappu Shaukat and his family of 7 used to live in a poorly constructed house with faulty walls, a withering foundation, and no bathrooms. 

Pappu Shaukat must have never thought that his situation would change, however, a registered charity titled as ‘Makaan’ has set out to change his situation.

Makaan is a charity started by 17-year-old student Murad Ali Khan from Lahore.

Makaan’s mission statement is “to build houses into homes” and they essentially refurbish and/or add basic necessities into the houses of people living in the Kamahan village.

In his own words Murad has shared:

“When I look around, I see a small society of people lucky enough to have large, comfortable homes with food on their tables each day. I also see a majority of individuals who have to go through life without a guaranteed source of income, with families of 7 or 8 all living in a room that can collapse at any moment. This simply isn’t fair, and this inequality is the motivation behind the Makaan initiative, and it can be overcome through a collective effort.”

Attached below are a few pictures of Makaan’s work in progress

A main door was put up

A new bathroom was set up

Walls were plastered

After the changes made in his house, this is what Pappu had to say:



In case you’re interested in donating to this amazing initiative by Murad Ali Khan and help other people like Pappu Shaukat then check out their Instagram page here.