Candyland’s Novella – TVC 2016

Previously, the maker of Novella Chocolate, Candyland, has produced a number of heartwarming ads. The new TVC for Novella is part is similar in terms that it tugs at the heart strings of its viewers and is also a part of its campaign which has been run over the years with the catchphrase ‘Dil Pighal Jaye’.
The new ad shows a little boy who is praised by his teacher for getting good marks in his class test. The child glad to have scored well, buys a bar of Novella chocolate and is seen trying to find a good place to put it in for his mother to find it. He goes back home, hands his lunch box to his mother, who shakes it to find out a bar of Novella chocolate inside. It is then when the little boy tells her that it was all because of her that he was able to perform well in his class and the chocolate is a gift for his mother in order to appreciate her for her efforts and love.
Candyland’s Novella ad campaign not only places emphasis on carrying out activities that could help a loved one smile and to let them know that they are appreciated, but also on the softness and smoothness of the chocolate bar.
So for all those who are eager to show their loved ones that they are appreciated, grab a box of Novella and see them smile as their heart melts with the warmth.
Watch the new TVC for Candyland’s Novella here: