Bushra Maneka Gives Her First Interview on TV And Here’s What People Have to Say About it

Pakistan’s First Lady, Bushra Maneka gave her first ever interview on HUM TV last night with Nadeem Malik.

Miss Maneka talked about several things and even addressed the controversies with regard to her and Imran Khan.

Her interview with Nadeem Malik went exceptionally smooth and it was obvious that she was calm, centered and knew what she had to say about and how to say it, with regard to the questions being put forth for her.

She also praised Imran Khan in many ways and gave an insight into his private life – specifically mentioning that he is a simple man whose heart beats with Pakistan and for Pakistanis.

Here’s a gist of what is being said on the internet with regard to Bushra Maneka’s interview 


But where there is love, there is always a little hate too 


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