Bohemia Dedicates New Song to Zainab And All Victims of Abuse

In the wake of eight-year-old Zainab’s murder weeks ago, many celebrities came forth to show support to bringing her justice. Famous Pakistani personalities gathered at the Karachi Press Club to demand a stop to such heinous and criminal activities in the country.
Punjabi rapper Bohemia is a huge name in the music industry across the globe. The musician is known for his famous songs such as Kali Denali and Ek Tera Pyar.

Recently, Bohemia has released a brand new track. The new song is dedicated Zainab and more children like her around the world.
The song is titled Gumraah, and talks about people not having any dignity anymore. It also paints a bleak picture of how people are very heartless creatures and only live for money. Bohemia further continues in the song that everyone is lost in their own little nest but regardless of everything, there is still hope in the world.

Here’s the short video