Ostrich Meat Becomes Islamabad's Latest Food Trend

A new restaurant situated in Bahria Town is now offering ostrich meat for the first time in the twin cities.

#Tag  gives a very cabin-in-the-woods feel with cosy gazebos lined with homely wood furniture. The gazebos are decorated with colorful Turkish lamps.

Ahtesham Chaudhry, who is the owner of the latest eatery says, “I am a foodie and I love trying new dishes. I decided to start a restaurant which offers something residents of the twin cities did not have and came up with the idea of basing the menu on ostrich meat.”

The restaurateur has explained that ostrich meat costs about Rs1,800 per kg and that the meat is liked across the world for its taste and high nutritional value. He also said ostrich meat is gaining popularity with his customers and that the menu also contains chicken, beef and mutton variants of the dishes.

The restaurant also offers chizza, a pizza with a chicken base instead of a dough one. The chicken meat is layered with cheese and toppings including onions, garlic and olives. The dish is slow baked and then brushed with olive oil before being served.

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