8 reasons to join Pakistan IBH Academy 2018

Want to LEAD, LEARN AND INSPIRE? IBH Academy is the door to your dreams waiting to be
opened. So jaldi karo! Open that door to a world of untold stories and unnoticed
opportunities because we bring you all that under one roof, through one platform and
promise to be with you every step of the way.

1- Life badalni hai?
IBH Academy is that life changing experience you’ve been waiting for. Its a 3-month
intensive program focused towards development of ‘women-initiator’. Trainings,
workshops, masterclasses delivered by local and international trainers, challenging your
ideas, making this fun, celebrating diversity and giving you a ‘once in a lifetime’
experience you will never forget. (Trust me.)

2- Let there be light then!
Kisi nay kaha tha: “Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence
felt” Galat kaha tha. It’s your presence at the right time, place and moment that lets
people remember you. It’s your presence that leaves the impact of a lifetime and makes
people wonder what the world would be like without you. We all are inspired by people
we admire-our parents, siblings or someone who has been a changemaker in this ever so
monotonous world. But have you ever dreamed of becoming that someone who herself is
an inspiration? If yes, then IBH is the platform which will empower, support and inspire you
to become an inspiration yourself. You will be the light shining in everyone’s eyes. 😉

3- Problems aren’t what you think they are:
Feeling lost, anxious or stressful? Can’t fit in the organization you work with? Not getting
along with your peers? Seems like problems have sneaked their way into your life and plan
to stay there. I understand my friend. But as they say every problem is an opportunity. IBH Academy offers an incredible 8 weeks online international course to Mindfulness based on Harvard MBSR program- A revolutionary practice for improving emotional and physical well-being. Learn how to treat problems as opportunities, understand emotions and their management and build healthy business and personal relationships. We want you to enjoy the little moments passing by rather than being lost in the past that you left behind or worried about the future to come. In the wise words of Master Oogway, ‘Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.’ So learn to enjoy it.

4- Get an internationally recognised certificate within 3-months
After completion of IBH’s three-month program, you will be awarded with a diploma which
is an internationally recognised certificate. IBH has taken place in Afghanistan and is
happening in Armenia. It’s a global event, trying to spread its roots in Pakistan as well. If
that hasn’t got you excited, wait till you put it on your CV or mention it in your college
application. Plus the program is super exciting. So what are you really waiting for? Oops,
my bad, probably for this article to end.

5- Take the initiative . . .
Do you want to be amongst the movers/shakers of the society who make things happen? If
the answer is YES, then IBH Academy is the right place for you. We will train you to be
amongst the better and the best. Know that we are not just saying these things, come and
see for yourself when you join our program!

6- A golden opportunity to go on a fully funded exchange program.
Exhausted up from saving up for a trip abroad? We give you the opportunity to get a free
trip, fully funded by the organisation. You heard that right! If FREE TRIPS don’t excite you,
I don’t know what will. But you will have to work for it. Pour in your imagination, sprinkle
some creativity and stir up an innovative project to win a fully funded exchange program.
Up for it?

7- Chill karnay ao yaar!
Have no summer plans! Doston nai ditch ker diya? Chill karo! IBH Academy ka scene on hai
boss. We have planned several activities ranging from workshops, mentoring sessions and
community projects to make your summer productive and enjoyable. Have some friends,
bring them along, but if not, come on your own and get to meet new people, get out of
your comfort zone and let us connect you and make you have a good time.

8- Tabdeeli ka intezar na karo, tabdeeli lanay ka mauka hai.
Want to bring a change into your life, but can’t break through ‘old habits’? Or are you too
ziddi? Join IBH Academy not for anyone or for anything, join it for the sake of yourself, to
find your way, to explore your options and find your peace. Let us help you with that. We
could have hypnotized you in joining our program but we have simply used our words to
work the magic. Still interested? Register now at: http://bit.ly/ibhacademy2018

For more details about Inspired By Her ACADEMY, see on www.iamIBH.com