A Ride In Askari Park Karachi Crashes, Kills One And Injures Multiple, Leaves People Horrified

For many people in the largest cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, the only major form of entertainment is eating out. Hence, when a remotely different event is about to take place, naturally a lot of people go out in throngs to enjoy it.

One such event took place in Karachi, in Askari Park where the arrival of an amusement park was announced with a number of adventurous and thrilling rides of children and adults alike.

The rides obviously attracted a large number of people who went out to experience the thrill.

Take a glimpse into the park


The fun-filled day for many turned dark suddenly when a ride at the Askari Amusement Park fell apart, reportedly taking along one life of 12-year-old Kashaf Dukhtar, and injuring multiple others.


After the unfortunate news hit the tv channels and social media, naturally people started to raise a lot of questions about the safety standards of the rides which were placed in the park.

The question remains who will take the responsibility for such negligence. 

What is more is that, this isn’t the first time that an amusement park in Karachi has seen a tragedy.

In 2017, four kids were injured by the swings at the Aladdin Amusement Park. In 2011, a man was killed on a “Crazy Bus” ride at the Sindbad Amusement Park.

We hope to see the administrations of such parks take notice, and make conscious efforts on their behalf to practice safety measures.