5 Best Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Phones Right Now

At the fast pace technology is evolving, it has become a normality that our tech products quickly become redundant. Almost all households have spare phones lying around. If you get a new phone and you chose not to replace it for the new one, this article is for you.

Your old phone might be more valuable than you think!

Remote Control

In case you didn’t know already, Androids have a universal remote control option. Some have it in-built in the phone which is super-efficient, others can just download the app. Sync your device to the appliances you want – AC, Smart TV, or any compatible device, and use it as a secondary option.

Music Players

Download multiple music apps that you like, or keep YouTube running if you like watching videos. Connect your phone to your Bluetooth Speaker or a surround-sound speaker. What is more is that you won’t have to worry about notifications, calls or text messages pouring in.

Home Security Camera

There is no doubt about the fact that smartphones have great camera resolution, hence you can repurpose the camera for your safety. Download security camera apps like Alfred on your old phone, and place the phone in your living room, bedroom, nursery, or porch (but make sure you have a plug-in adapter and charger available). These apps allow us to monitor and catch any suspicious activity or theft while you’re at work or away.

Android as Google Home

Google Home costs about $125 – $150. If your old phone is updated to the latest Android Operating System, so it responds to its calling “OK, Google”. Next, find a Bluetooth speaker. It can answer your queries, schedule for you, and make tasks easy for you.

Baby Monitor

Parents can use the old phone to monitor their new born baby noiselessly while mothers carry about housework or go to work. Fathers can use this option to stay in touch with their babies too. Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Video allows for video calling and picture-in-picture options.