4 Of The Best Restaurants That Serve Yummiest Nihari In Karachi.

Karachiites have had a love affair with Nihari  for years. The spicy broth with either beef or chicken is famously adored with everyone having their favorite accompaniments for nihari. We think the best way to eat it with some garma garam naan. While nihari can be cooked at home, we feel that the best experience is to get it at some of the famous authentic nihari vendors scattered throughout the city.

Here are 11 of the best places to get some of that yummy broth in Karachi.

Javed Nihari

Javed Nihari is located in the Dastagir area of Karachi. While it may be a bit of a commute to venture into that area, its worth it just to get the excellent nihari experience.

Sabri Nihari House

Sabri Nihari House at MA Jinnah Road is the quintessential Nihari joint of Karachi. If there’s one place to have Nihari in the city, then you must go to Sabri. For those who don’t feel the need to venture into the area can get the same taste at the Badar Commercial area (Defence Phase 5) where it’s called Sabiri Nihari Restaurant. Having been to the Badar Commercial location, I can attest that the Nihari was excellent. However, purists should make a point to visit the original outlet at MA Jinnah Road.

Al-Habib Do Darya

Nothing beats having Nihari by the sea with your bae. You’re looking into each other’s eyes and that may be the perfect time to pop the question. That’s all possible at Al-Habib Do Darya. We’re not responsible for what happens next!

Zahid Nihari

Zahid Nihari  is the best place for Nihari on Tariq Road. There’s always been a debate among Karachiites whether it’s better than Javed and Sabri. Regardless, the Nihari is superb and I’ve always enjoyed the extra helpings of just the gravy once I’ve chowed down the beef.