Youtuber Irfan Junejo to Quit Vlogging, Revels News to His Fans in a Heartfelt Message

On Monday, renown Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo uploaded a video titled “I Quit” on his Youtube Channel.

In the video, he expresses he shares his thoughts on vlogging and how it happens to induce anxiety and self-esteem issues in him.

Junejo begins by saying, he doesn’t attend events, or award ceremonies anymore. If in case, he receives invites for podcasts, he profusely rejects to become a part of them.

He also added, “I have stopped using twitter, and I barely use my camera.”

“I don’t have any confidence left in me to make anything that I really want to make and I’m too scared to say what I really mean.”

Watch his full video below:

Below is a gist of how people have been responding on social media


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