World’s First NFT Cricket Game is Here: All you Need to Know

GuardianLink on Wednesday said it has launched the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) cricket game. Available on Android, iOS, and PC, the first-of-its-kind game is community-driven and enables the players to monetise their time and efforts, the company said in a statement. It said the website of the game is getting launched on Wednesday. “Following this, the cricket enthusiast and NFT collectors can start getting on the waitlist.”

The company has launched the world’s first P2E cricket game on, an NFT marketplace launched by GuardianLink.

Ramkumar Subramaniam, co-founder and CEO of GuardianLink, said: “Watching cricket in India has always been a treat for every buff, especially nowadays, with the new formats. We consider this the best time to announce the launch of India’s pioneering NFT cricket game, which will serve as a unique product for every cricket enthusiast.”

He added that the company also aims to create India’s first metaverse for cricket. The users can play both free and play-to-earn mode, subject to the end-goal which could be pure entertainment or earning a passive income.


The multiplayer game is expected to garner the attention and patronage of NFT, gaming, and cricket enthusiasts from one of the world’s largest cricket fandom nations – India, as well as, globally, the company said. is an innovator of NFT technologies with its roots embedded in the blockchain world since 2016. It is the inventor of Anti. Rip and Wallet.Cipher technologies for the NFT world have developed one of the first frameworks of Legitimacy protocol for the NFT ecosystem.

What are NFTs?

The assets that can be readily interchanged are known as fungible assets. Example – currency notes. You can swap a Rs 10 note for two Rs 5 notes and it will have the same value.

The non-fungible assets have unique properties and cannot be interchanged. The non-fungible assets could be a house or a painting having unique properties, qualities and characteristics. You can take a photo or printout of the original painting, but there will only ever be one original painting.

All NFTs have a unique digital signature. Usually, it is seen that NFTs are bought with the cryptocurrency Ether or in dollars. A blockchain keeps a record of transactions that took place for NFTs. The digital objects available on the internet like images, videos, music, text and even tweets, can be turned into an NFT through a unique process.

The artwork and other assets available in digital format can be “tokenised” by its creators. They do it by creating a unique digital certificate and signature of ownership, hence creating NFTs. Later, they sell it digitally.

Even though many economists do not see its future in the long run, many see NFTs as the future of ownership of properties and other assets. According to enthusiasts of NFTs, all kinds of properties will see their ownership status tokenized digitally.