Upcoming Event: 31st Lahore International Book Fair 2017

Here ye, Here ye!
Good news for all book lovers and education enthusiasts, the 31st edition of Lahore International Book Fair is coming next month and will be taking place from the 2nd of February till the 8th of the month.
Lahore International Book Fair is one of the largest book fair that is held annually at Expo Center in Lahore, Pakistan. Every year the week long Book Fair is known to receive thousands of people from different walks of life and is one of the most significant and cultural event to take place in the city. The event allows both local and foreign publishers and education-related organizations to set up stalls and on a variety of topics, including Islam, history, education, computer and information technology, engineering, business management, medical sciences, agriculture, literature, law and children literature.
The Book Fair not only showcases countless books on a variety of topics as mentioned above, but also allows attendees to avail discounts on books. So, we suggest our readers to mark the date and not to miss the big Lahore International Book Fair 2017.