TVC Review -Nurpur Ramadan Ad

This year Nurpur, a Pakistan based dairy company released one of its best television commercial during Ramadan 2016.
The Nurpur TVC showed inter-cuts of a variety of food related items such as the mango lassi, tea, jalebis as well as vermicelli, which are being tasted by a model – Sadaf Kanwal, one of the best models in the field. These items are used in order to market Nurpur’s various dairy products like butter, cheese, milk and yogurt.
The stylized shots taken of the food, combined with the rhythmic background music lead the commercial to appeal to the viewers vastly and enthralls them enough to keep watching it till the end. Although, what would have been better is that if the commercial had ended with a message wishing Ramadan Mubarak. This in turn would’ve have presented the viewers with a clearer message regarding Nurpur’s purpose behind releasing this commercial during Ramadan.
The TVC ends on a sweet note, however, when it says “some traditions are forever”, this message is essentially reinforced by the use of traditional food items presented in the TVC such as the mango lassi as well as the vermicelli (a traditional Eid dish), as these products and the food items made out of these are popular in Ramadan.
Additionally, Nurpur introduced a new packaging of its products through this advertisement, which is seen as something more visually appealing compared to its counterparts who use bright colored packaging.
In conclusion, it can be said that the two directors Ronald Koetzier and Mukhtar Zaidi outdid themselves by shooting this commercial.

“NurPur’s ATL Advertising budget was around 120 Million in Ramadan & It was all over the leading channels, It was probably the best Ad campaign of Ramadan 2016.”

This particular advertisement all in all appealed to a wide audience base and was shared over and over again on the social media that it appeared not once, not twice but countless times, in turn earning a lot of praise and peaking viewers interest in Nurpur’s products.

[Disclaimer: The opinions in the this article are of the author and not BRAND VOICE.]