TVC Review – Cadbury Dairy Milk

On November 1st 2016, Cadbury Dairy Milk Pakistan released its new TVC. Cadbury has been one of the leading brands in Pakistan all because of its presence in the market for over two decades now. Cadbury Dairy Milk’s catchy advertisements as well as various product variants available in the market today has enabled the company to achieve the status of a ‘leading’ brand.
Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisements have consistently provided its TV viewers with cute and heartwarming ads over the years. What Cadbury does is that it presents its product as a part of a short sweet story, instead of opting for a direct and in the face advertising techniques by hiring renowned personalities. Previously, Cadbury had produced quite a number of unique advertisements and has associated itself with attaining happiness as well as with celebrations. Its tagline ‘Kuch Meetha Hojaye’ has been positioned effectively in the minds of the consumers.
However, the new TVC is quite simple as its emphasis is on the smooth, rich and chocolaty texture of the product. And the TVC successfully manages to leave us wanting to get our hands on a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk after watching the advertisement, considering how it reminds us of the terrific trio wrapped in a chocolate bar that brings instant joy for its devourers.
You can watch the new Cadbury TVC here: