This Traveler From Italy Is Going Across Pakistan, Capturing Historic Sites In a Unique Way

Pakistan is a place which has been blessed with unique scenery and a deep cultural history which every international traveler desires to lay their eyes on at least once in their lifetime.

Andrea Angelucci, is one of these travelers, a Rome-based tour guide and he has covered a few places in Pakistan from a unique perspective.

Angelucci is an archaeologist and a tour guide who loves mountaineering and photographing new places.

His visits to various places in Pakistan has produced some splendid pieces of work that we believe all must see!

What he does is that, he draws perfect sketches of the places that he wants to visit, in his journal. He notes down historic facts, anecdotes and notes about those places alongside. Upon visiting those places, he clicks some wonderful shots as well.

The work by Andrea Angelucci perfectly encapsulates the richness and diversity of culture and heritage and is guaranteed to make you fall in love with his work!