This Chili Mili Fan Has A Serious Complain & Miftah Ismail Has A Solution

This exchange between a Chili Mili lover and the manufacturer has gone viral and for good reason, it’s simply epic!

The Complaint Against Chili Mili

A person on Twitter by the name of Usama Lali wanted to sort something out. “Why is Chili Mili no longer juicy?” His main issue is why the jelly is manufactured nowadays to be so dry and rubber-like. The guy should definitely pursue stand-up comedy because the “Chili Mili dry fruit” had us rolling on the floor. Jokes aside, how true is it?

Chili Mili nowadays has become like a raisin in appearance and also taste. Anyhow, one of us had the courage to finally voice this. It’s people like him who change the world. What do you know? He has changed the world of Chili Mili lovers.

This complaint was taken up by none other than senior politician Miftah Ismail. Ismail is the General Secretary PMLN Sindh. However, what you might not know is that he also owns CandyLand Pakistan, the company that manufactures Chili Mili! Ismail’s family business is Ismail Industries Limited and CandyLand Pakistan is a division of that business. There you have it, the owner of Chili Mili has stepped in.

Miftah Ismail said that he will personally ask the manufacturers to make Chili Mili more juicy, delicious and just like how it used to be. However, there is a small condition. We must vote for PMLN in the next elections! Miftah Ismail proved that he is a senior politician with this exchange after all. The UNO reverse card was legendary.

The Childhood Memories

Jellies like Chili Mili made our childhood. There have been so many more Pakistani manufactured jellies and toffees that we grew on that are no longer the same, unfortunately. We remember the time jubilee tasted better than any imported chocolate. The gummy bears jelly also used to be amazing with so many of the red ones inside the packet (the best ones).

Moreover, as Usama mentioned, Chili Mili used to be juicy. Besides this, Fruitella was the star of the show. Though it still tastes great at times, it doesn’t have that addictive quality anymore. We hope all these jellies and toffies can be revived and brought back— there’s nothing like them.