This 12-Year-Old Pashtun Boy Has Become One Of The Youngest Authors!

Bilawal Latif, a 12-year-old student from Peshawar, has taken up the responsibility of smashing stereotypes about Pathans.

A reader and history buff, Latif is now also one of the world’s youngest authors. He recently published ‘Pashtoon Heroes,’ a book that talks about the greatest Pathan personalities.

The young Latif was upset by the stereotypes that are perpetrated against the people of his region. People of Peshawar are viewed to either be illiterate or be violent. Latif wanted to highlight those fantastic personalities that have played a fundamental role in Peshawar.

“I wrote the book because I wanted to bring pride to the Pashtoon people. There is a misconception in the West that Pashtoons are illiterate, and I want this thinking to end.”

Latif has already started working on his next book, which is based on the people of Balochistan. “I want to explore the people and culture of the province and write on them.”

All in all, Bilawal  had a vision, and he fulfilled it to the best of his ability.